Since Diablo II: The Reaper of Souls was resurrected, brave players have slain hordes of hell-raising demons in every act. Resurrected, the Lord of Terror's grip on Sanctuary is permanently loosened.


A number of new features and enhancements are coming to multiplayer lobbies on console and PC with Patch 2.4.3, which goes live on June 29. These new features are accompanied by quality-of-life and bug fixes. An essential part of the Diablo experience is getting together with other like-minded people to take on the demons. So we've been keeping a close eye on what players are saying about multiplayer lobbies, which has resulted in the changes below. Even though we've made great progress in Diablo II: Resurrected, we're committed to making your search for the Dark Wanderer even more rewarding. Our goal is to make this beloved classic burn hotter and brighter than ever before, and we'd like to hear your thoughts on how we can accomplish this together.



One of the most common complaints from players is that their Game List didn't fill up as quickly as they expected. One of the many gaming websites available in your area will host your D2R game when you finish creating it. Ladder's Game List used to only show games from the best-connected game sites in your area before it was launched. As a result, any game you join through the lobby will have a high-quality experience. However, our criteria were deemed to be overly strict. When ladder went live, we made it possible for players to access games from up to three different game sites at once. In order to see more games in their Game List without sacrificing connection quality, this was implemented. Patch 2.4.3 will broaden it even further, as a result of our decision. If you have a strong enough connection to any game sites in your area, they can now be included in your Game List results. Additionally, we've increased the maximum number of games in the Game List from 20 to 40 in order to give players even more options when it comes to finding a game to join. Aside from that, we've tweaked the game's visuals to update in near-real-time. You still have to manually refresh your Game List, which we decided to keep in order to keep the Game List from shifting while players select a game. Improvements have been made to the console lobby as well as the lobby on a PC.



Team members have focused on the most critical aspects of Ladder Season One following its successful launch. By a wide margin, Console Party Finder was the most popular title on our list. By replacing Party Finder with Game Creator and the Game List, Patch 2.4.3. brings a number of improvements to console multiplayer gameplay.


Three Options Lie Before You

lobby updates

Your hero's "Play" button will now show you three options for online play based on the hero you've selected.

  • Enter a private game that will not show up in the Game List when you click on the game. Others can only join your game if they are added to your Friends List or are explicitly invited to do so.

  • Create a public game for the games list by using the Game Creator.

  • Play a public game or search for a specific game by name.


There should be many hours of battling demons, acquiring treasure, and making new friends in the game's multiplayer lobbies. Sadly, many players have had difficulty finding games that they are interested in participating in. To address this issue, we implemented a search function in the lobby so that specific keywords or game names can be typed in to return a list of games based on that search term.

When you hover your mouse over a game in the Game List, a tooltip will appear that displays the game's connection quality. Games are added to the Game List according to how well they connect, giving you more information about which games are available before you join.

We can't emphasize enough how much we value and rely on your input. Diablo II: Resurrected is constantly evolving, and we're looking for ways to make your time in Sanctuary even more enjoyable. On the right side of your screen, a preview of your custom or generated game name is shown. It's time to get started on your journey to Sanctuary, now that you're sure of your choices.



  • Deckard Cain's ability to identify items in the Horadric Cube has been improved. So, if you have the Cube in your main inventory, he won't do it anymore.

  • When short-distance whirlwinds ended with no attacks, this was fixed.

  • Whirlwind no longer applies properties and damage from broken weapons.

  • Whirlwind's first attack was being treated differently from the rest of its attacks due to a bug. When wielding two weapons at the same time, the first attack will always target two people.

  • The resurrect costs of high-level mercenaries were inconsistent, so this was fixed.

  • Right-clicking on a corpse will now automatically target the corpse.


  • Using a controller to select and join lobby games was not working on PC.

  • The color of the chat font used to display system messages could be imitated by players to impersonate developers.

  • When whispering, the figurines in the lobby would disappear.

  • Players can now join private games after a bug was fixed.

  • Hardcore had a bug whereby if a player was dead, the other player had to be flagged by both players before they could loot their corpse.

  • Ladder rankings with six or more digits were overlapping the character name before this issue was fixed.

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