The 1.07 patch that was released by FromSoftware a week ago included updates to Player versus Player combat, magic and incantations, skill balance, and a few bug fixes that were much appreciated. Additionally, we moved forward with the development of an Elden Ring downloadable content pack thanks to this patch. It has been out for a few days, and players have already begun to notice that, despite the fact that the patch has allowed all types of builds to stretch their legs, with general poise increases and even more increased attack power for some spells, it has been of particular benefit to players who like to poke with one of the game's many thrusting swords. This is because the patch has increased general poise and even more increased attack power for some spells. This is because the patch improved both the player's general poise as well as the attack power of certain spells.

We got endure pokers, we got shield pokers, we got resolve pokers, we got bull goat pokers, everybody get your pokers! In a thread on Reddit, there was one post that discussed player-versus-player combat after the patch was applied. Is it time to stop trying to avoid getting poked in the eye? Have you all of a sudden discovered that you are currently logged into Facebook in the year 2011? It is with great pleasure that I share this information with you.

Which weapon should I use—Death's Poker or a sword with a blade that can be thrust forward?

  • It doesn't matter to me what you decide to do

  • One of the many positive aspects of this update is that version 1

  • 07 will give a token of appreciation to each and every player, and this is just one of those aspects

  • Poison Mist, for example, now has a status buildup that occurs more quickly, and helpful big-boy spells such as Loretta's Greatbow and Bloodflame Talons no longer consume as much focus point as they did in the past

  • Strength weapons, such as Hammers and certain Colossal Weapons, deal poise damage more effectively than other types of weapons, and some traditionally sluggish Colossal Sword attacks even move more quickly than they normally would

  • Hammers and certain Colossal Weapons are examples of strength weapons

However, in terms of Skills or weapon art, thrust weapons were given a general boost. Players have reported that they are becoming increasingly common in player versus player matches as a result of this change. The ability "Impaling Thrust" now has a faster motion speed, increased attack power, and a shorter delay between being able to perform any action, such as rolling or topping off HP, and starting or ending the skill. Additionally, the delay between being able to perform any action and starting or ending the skill has been reduced. The advantages obtained from making use of other thrust Skills, such as Piercing Fang and Repeating Thrust, were, for the most part, equivalent to those gained from using Repeating Thrust.

Thrust weapons are frequently useful as a supplementary tool for those who wield staffs or shields. This is primarily due to the potential for slenderness that thrust weapons possess, in addition to their utility in long-range attacks with force behind them. These benefits are not to be underestimated.

You shouldn't feel like you need to scramble and totally readjust your approach to a thrust weapon just because it seems like a lot of people are using them for player versus player combat. This is because the 1.07 patch is beneficial for so many different types of builds. Learn about the benefits they offer, and if you're interested, test out a few of them like Bloody Helice, Godskin Stitcher, or Lance. If you're not sure which one to pick, you can always do both. PvP can be a lot of fun, but I find it to be the most enjoyable when both players are utilizing builds that are distinctive to them and that they take pleasure in utilizing.

Even though its name may have contributed to Reddit's dislike of poking, the strength-scaling greatsword, Death's Poker, is not nearly as poke-y as some of the other, more lithe thrust weapons. This is despite the fact that its name may have contributed to Reddit's dislike of poking. On the other hand, thanks to the Ghostflame Ignition Skill that it possesses, it is able to create a ghostflame jab or explosion that is both intriguing and powerful. Although it is a potent weapon that ought to be tried at least once, the most recent patch did not include any alterations to the way it works.

What course of action should I take with regard to Endure?

Players who partake in Player vs. Player combat (PvP) are frustrated by the pervasiveness of the Endure Skill and Ash of War post-patch. This is in addition to the fact that they have noticed a large number of pokers. This aggravation is frequently made worse by the fact that its frequent combination with the pervasiveness of the poke further exacerbates the situation.

Endure, which used to make the user more poised and reduce the damage they took, now has a longer cooldown, is unaffected by blood loss or frostbite, and has a shorter delay between non-attacking actions such as using an item. These alterations were implemented in version 1.07 of the patch. It really packs quite a powerful punch. There are some people who might even argue that it has too much power. It is also very difficult to stagger a player, which makes going up against it a very tedious experience. Additionally, it makes it very difficult to knock out a player.

There have been reports of players waiting for the effects of Endure to wear off before even attempting to land a hit on an opponent who is using it before even trying to land a hit on an opponent who is using it. You could also try using the Sacred Relic Sword, which has a skill called Wave of Gold that scales with faith and has the ability to break an Endure user if you use it correctly. My gut tells me that the next patch will finally put an end to Endure, but even if it doesn't, it really should! Have the best of luck.

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